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Double vote event Over!! see you next weekend!
With regards Skillz Nations!

Posted15 / 01 / 2017

Hello Nation! Guide for FIX CHAT FONTS

In client u have the folder Install Fonts Double click on him --> 
instal and then lunch the game!

Posted12 / 01 / 2017


Welcome to Official SkillzNation Community !

We have been working on server configuration and other things for over few months !

Server have good balance between all classes and configured zen drop, nice level roading. Jewels, Zen and other items and things like wCoins/Gold Coins have a big value ingame, which can be only collected by players themselves.

The fastest way to level-up is by creating a gold party, because of extra EXP bonus. No OP items, fair play for everyone. Nice reward and other system configuration settings can be found down below.

Join Us NOW !

With regards Skillz Nations!

Posted08 / 01 / 2017


SkillzMu  "LOW" [50x]

Exp: x50 Master Exp: x50 | Drop: x25
Max Level: 400
Max Master Level: 330
Max Stats: 65535
Points Per Level: 5 / 6 / 7
Post Command Cost: 10000
Character creation level: SUM - 1, MG - 220, DL/RF - 250

/add stats (/addene, /addstr, /addagi, /addvit, /addcmd)
/requests off/on
/prop & /teleport wife/husband (Marry System)
/online (Check nr. of players online
/pkclear (Clear pk status)
/setparty (set auto party accept , example /setparty 1234 , 1234 is pw auto accept
you can set what pw you want and share with your friends and tell to wisper you with pw)

Chaos Machine Rates:
Item Mix to +10 = 65%
Item Mix to +11 = 60%
Item Mix to +12 = 55%
Item Mix to +13 = 50%
Item Mix to +14 = 45%
Item Mix to +15 = 40%
(Success rate to on for item with Luck add +20%)

Wings Creation Rates:
3lvl Wings - 30%
2lvl Wings - 80%
Feather of Condor: 70%

380 & 400lvl Items:
Can only be hunted from monsters level 130 and to wear them need required 380/400 level

Party Exp Server x50:

--- Normal Party --- ( Bonus XP + )

2 Characters: x75
3 Characters: x80
4 Characters: x95
5 Characters: x100
--- Bonus Party --- 

Bronze Party (3 different characters classes): x90
Silver Party (4 different characters classes): x150
Gold Party (5 different characters classes): x175

Reset System:
Reset From: 400lvl (bonus +100 Free Credits)
Reset Price: 1kk * resets
Stats After Reset: keep
Max Resets: 40 resets

Grand Reset System:
GR From: 40 resets (5000 Credits)
GR Free Points: 10000 Free Points * GR
GR Price: 2kkk
Max GR: 15 GR

Additional Info:
Auto Party System !
Reconnect System (no more disconnects) !
Events & Castle Siege !
Level roading (in higher maps have stronger mobs) !
Events with Bonus Exp !
Cash Shop (buffs & pets) !
Goblin Points System !
Exchange Online Hours to Free Credits !
Referral System !
Vote Reward every 12h !
Unique Box Drops !
 VIP Package !
No Full Option Items !

Posted08 / 01 / 2017

Currently this is only one server.